The Wheel Deal – Slots Casino

Development of a game in the slots casino genre.


Objective of the project —

Develop a game in the casino slots genre, to study the process of developing games in this genre and publishing them on trading platforms.


— Study the field of game development in the casino slots genre;

— Study the process of creating casino slots;

— Study the process of creating in-game chats;

— Study the process of creating a client-server part;

— Study the process of creating games for browsers using WebGL;

— Study the process of creating multiplayer online games;

— Develop a game for publication on trading platforms.

Technology stack —

— Unity 2019 Built-In to create the project itself;

— Behavior Tree (for Unity) for creating game logic through visual programming;

— Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for creating graphics;

— IAP (Unity Service) for integrating in-game purchases;

— Unity Analytics for analytics;

— Facebook SDK for integrating interaction with Facebook.

— Python for writing the server part;

— XCode for building for the iOS platform.


Results —

  • A computer game in the slots machine genre has been developed for Android, iOS and browsers using WebGL
  • The process of operation of casino slots has been studied
  • A website has been developed for the browser version of the game
  • A text chat has been developed where users can communicate during the gameplay
  • A scalable server has been developed for this project
  • Published in AppStore and Google Play Market