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Development of a mobile game and publishing it on Google Play.


Objective of the project —

Develop a game in the hyper casual genre, to study the process of developing games in this genre and publishing them on mobile trading platforms.


— Study the field of game development in the hyper casual genre;

— Study the process of creating games with procedural level generation;

— Study the process of introducing advertising into games;

— Study the process of introducing in-game purchases; — Develop a game for publication on mobile trading platforms.

Technology stack —

— Unity 2019 Built-In to create the project itself;

— I2 Localize (for Unity) to implement localization into 5+ languages;

— Figma and Adobe Illustrator for creating UI interfaces;

— Adobe Photoshop and Blender for creating promotional art and 3D models;

— IAP (Unity Service) for integrating in-game purchases;

— Unity Ads SDK for advertising integration.


Results —

  • A mobile game in the hyper casual genre has been developed for Android
  • The process of creating procedural levels has been studied
  • The process of integrating advertising into mobile games has been studied
  • The process of integrating in-game purchases has been studied
  • in mobile games
  • The game has been published on Google Play Market
  • The average time to complete all levels is 4 hours