tinn myroom

Development of the myroom meta-universe service for tinn.


Objective of the project —

Develop a meta-universe as a service for NFT video hosting tinn.


— Study the process of developing meta-universes;

— Study the process of developing cross-platform applications;

— Study the process of creating your own servers on ASP Net Core;

— Study the process of integrating the placement of NFT collections;

— Study the process of watching videos in the game;

— Study the process of creating voice and text chats; — Study the process of creating VR applications;

— Develop an application for integration into the website tinn.io.

Technology stack —

— Unity 2022 URP-In for creating the project itself; — XR (for Unity) for VR integration; — UniTask (for Unity) to implement asynchrony and multithreading;

— ASP .NET Core, JavaScript, Nginx for creating a server;

— Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma for creating graphics;

— Daz 3D-Studio, Blender, 3D-Max, Maya for creating 3D models; — XCode for assembly for iOS and MacOS platforms.


Results —

  • Developed a meta-universe application for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and browsers using WebGL
  • Integrated interaction with VR
  • Developed our own scalable server for this project
  • Developed voice and text chats
  • A scalable server has been developed for this project