ROSATOM - Production automation / ERP systems

State Atomic Energy Corporation.


Objective of the project -

Automation and optimization of metalworking warehouse operations.


Results -

  • Creation of an employee recognition system, monitoring compliance with safety regulations
  • Sensors on machines, heating, emergency stop
  • Procurement automation
  • Reduced production costs by ~15%
  • Creation of an adjacent ERP system

MWP – or mobile workplace. Development, design

and production of stationary modules for tool storage.

Automation of a metalworking warehouse.

Introduction of a neural network to comply with safety standards (neural network to recognize whether a mask or helmet is being worn).

Automatic accounting of warehouse reports, implementation of RFID tags.

Automatic exchange between 1C, Sap TOPO, process control system.

Creation of a CRM for personnel management and video surveillance systems, as well as sensors in devices.